Days of the week.. with a twist..

Ok.. so apparently, the lovely students i go to school with made up a perverted thing to do for every day of the week, as follows:

  • MONDAY- is makeout monday.
  • TUESDAY- is titty touch tuesday
  • WEDNESDAY- is wiener whack wednesday
  • THURSDAY- is titty twist thursday
  • FRIDAY- is slap-ass friday

(what is it with the titties?) The only day people really do, though, is wed., and  fri., as i found out last friday. God it hurts.. The boys come up behind you and slap you as hard as they can.. Especially Erik. Sometimes he even does it as he’s running past you.. that’s the worst.. But in a way,, you kind of want them to do it to you, because it means your cute or kind of popular. We didn’t have school the very last friday but we do this friday. At lunch, after we eat for like 10 minutes, they let us go outside to this area behind school if we want.. Thats where they do it because there are like 3 teachers and 150 kids, so they don’t see it. But the worst possible thing to do is wear sweat pants! That hurts like a mofo!!! NOT fun.. Can’t wait til this friday..! lo


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